09 May New Remix Release!

Coming out with our new Release! The fresh and uplifting DANCE MIX to our song STRANGERS IN PARADISE, remixed by the genius DJ and music producer Royal Fia, Tel Aviv/Berlin.
Load the song and dance!!

And this is the Berlin story of Dorothea Breil and Royal Fia:

2015 the Berlin singer-songwriter and music producer Dorothea Breil got to know the Israeli music producer and DJ Royal Fia. He remixed the song “All Around” of Dorotheas last EP “Poppy Soul Orbit” (released 2011). She was thrilled by Roy´s fresh and positive way of dealing with music. And so Dorothea asked him again to create a dance mix for her song “Strangers In Paradise”, of the newly published, homonymous album, which celebrated its release in April 2016. Royal Fia worked on the remix in a progressive, but 90s nu-disco style with catchy piano hooks and upliftig string parts. The remix brings the listener in cheerful heights and each leg to dance. The reason to put the song with its quite serious subject of feeling “strange in another culture” in such a positive musical jacket arose from the conviction of the composer Dorothea that audience in a good mood might rather change circumstances. Therefore, also the recently released album “Strangers In Paradise” includes almost exclusively songs that want to improve the world by danceable rhythms and uplifting hooks and not least by very soulful vocals of the singer Dorothea. The sincere and profound lyrics of the songwriter unfold subtly effective.