Dorothea And The Planets

Hi! We are Dorothea And The Planets! We make pop music with mind and soul.

Dorothea Breil

She studied Musical/Show in Berlin, sung on stages throughout Europe, played, danced, and now she invents a new genre: The Social Pop. Her distinctive warm voice carries the contents of her songs so convincingly that the listener immediately believes she´s right. The 12 new songs from the studio album Strangers In Paradise arose from the personal desire of the singer and composer to change things and still enjoy life.

Lexa A. Thomas

Sound expert at its finest and strong bass-player, this is Lexa A. Thomas! He is always in search of the new, big sound. He navigated his mothership Relexa Studios during the production of Strangers in Paradise (2016) and Poppy Soul Orbit (2011). Dorothea and he work together enthusiastically since 2008.