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In the orbit she has already been a while — actress, musical performer, but most of all singer and songwriter Dorothea Breil,  A.k.n.a. Dorothea And The Planets. Recently she has been working on her long-awaited third studio-album “Strangers In Paradise“. A new elegant fusion of pop and crisis, she named “Social Pop“, was born. Those songs of soul, funk and pop filled with current issues aspects were recorded with 21 national and international musicians. With her musical partner, bassist and sound wizard Lexa A. Thomas, whom she met seven years ago, the team created a uniquely edgy sound universe. Dorothea’s  warm, complex voice gives you the chills, whereas the galactic beats of her music promise party!


  • Strangers In Paradise

    Strangers In Paradise

    2016 – The new album will be released on 8th April 2016

  • Revolution (Single)

    Revolution (Single)

    2016 – The first powerful release from the album Strangers In Paradise.

  • Strangers In Paradise (Single)

    Strangers In Paradise (Single)

    2016 – The remix for the theme song from the Israeli DJ RoyaL Fia.



Lead-Vocals · Text & Composition

Arrangements · Programming · Backing Vocals

Dorothea Breil

E-Bass · Technical Director


Lexa A. Thomas

Drums & Percussions
Stephan Genze

Upright Bass
Andreas Henze

Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Jo Gehlmann
Greg Dinunzi
Siamak Sattari
René Schostak

Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq (bs, ts, as)
David Beecroft (as)
Ferdinand v. Seebach (Arrangements, tb)
Christoph Titz (tr)

Keyboards & Piano
Carsten Arntz
Dominik Franke
Robert Matt
Paul Wiebe
Rolf Zielke

Gospel Choir
Ginea Adi Wolf
Donna Brown
Larry Jordan
Monica Lewis-Schmidt