Hello everybody! My name is Dorothea Breil. I am a singer-songwriter and music producer from Berlin. My team and I are currently producing my new album Strangers in Paradise, themed: Poppy Soul For A Better World.

One of the songs, called Revolution, issues violence against Indian women. The situation of these poor women kept me occupied and has upset me terribly. „Revolution“ advocates against domestic violence, which unfortunately exists all over the world. Many victims suffer in secrecy, being ashamed for what was done to them.

The song considers – a revolution of mind – having the courage to unite and stand up to injustice in public. It calls for fundamental changes in all our minds, to eventually bring the offenders in the dock, and not the victims.

We all can contribute to nonviolence and approximation of nations. So you can: Perform in the new video, share this link or simply download the title REVOLUTION – all for a good purpose!


Sing and dance to the music video of the song Revolution. Performe this in your own walls in front of the camera and send us your clip. The video at the bottom helps you and shows the song. Practice it and at the end send us your recording, which will be sychronously to this video.


Please stand in front of a unicolored background and care for a good lighting. We should see your head completely and the upper part of the body half in the picture (as well as in the tutorial video).


Please speak the following text in the camera before you start the song: I authorize Dorothea Breil to use my recorded video material in the official music video of the song REVOLUTION.


If you´d like your name and nationality to be mentioned in the video, write both on a piece of paper and show it to the camera, so we can spell everything right. If you do not want this, we certainly maintain your anonymity.

With regards to content: It would be nice if you sang along lip-syncronously to the chorus. We invite you to practice and dance our choreography from the tutorial-video. Or you can just rock out your own thing! No limits are set to your creativity. The main thing is: your performance expresses passion and your belief that you are against violence.


Technical requirements: As possible: Full HD, 1920×1080 px, compression with high quality, standard formats such as: MP4, MOV, H.264, WMV. But even if you can not definitely fulfill these requirements – send us what you have! The contents count!



– Via WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com) to revolution@dorothea-planets.com

– If you want to share it publicly, upload it to YouTube in high quality. Important: Please be sure to hashtag #revolutionproject, so we can find the video. Then we will load it from there.

Still questions? Please contact us via email: revolution@dorothea-planets.com.


We integrate your clip, if possible, in the official music video of the song revolution.

The video publication will be celebrated by the official Record Release Concert on April 7th, 2016. And your name (if you did not want to remain anonymous) will certainly be mentioned in the credits!


And you’re doing something for a good purpose!

The complete profit from the Single downloads of REVOLUTION will be donated to UN Women projects against violence against women. Load the song right here on iTunes or at “your” favorite music site.